The U-Spatial Mapping Prize - 2017 Awards

Supporting Spatial Thinking Through Excellence in Mapping

Maps don’t just show us where to go - they have the potential to transform our ways of seeing and understanding our world. The U-Spatial Mapping Prize encourages students at the University of Minnesota to make provocative and innovative maps. The Mapping Prize is made possible by a generous gift from alumnus Jack Dangermond, founder and president of Esri.

Thanks to all of the students who submitted entries to the U-Spatial Mapping Prize! The judges met on May 23th, 2017 and as a group reviewed 51 maps in a variety of topics and formats. Below are the nine best maps. We will continue to expand the mapping prize next year to celebrate excellence in mapping. Click on the map images to see the full map.

Mapping Prize Awards

Best Overall Map ($1,000 or a trip to the Esri User Conference), Peder Engstrom

Master of Geographic Information Science, College of Liberal Arts
for Diverse Farms, Diverse Foods: Farm Size and Nutrient Diversity

Undergraduate Student - Best Cartography ($250), Andrew Urevig

Scientific Interpretation and Communication, College of Continuing Education
for Minneapolis Beekeeping Permits, 2017

Undergraduate Student - Most Provocative/Transformative Map ($250), Jasper Johnson

Political Science, College of Liberal Arts
for World map of Uranium Reserves, Uranium Mining, Nuclear Energy, and Nuclear Warheads

Undergraduate Student - Best Use of Maps ($250), Keegan Rabelhofer

Geographic Information Science, College of Liberal Arts - UMD
for UMD Land Lab & SAP Farm Crop Rotation


Undergraduate Student - Best Body of Work ($250), Students of GWSS3590*

for Mapping for Justice: Air Emissions Impacts on Vulnerable Minneapolis Communities
* Addy Alms, Tim Anderson, Briauna Baltzell, Esther Callahan, Harper Ciha, Minyoung Do, Wren Doyle, Abbey Guyette, Jessi Hartwig, Daniel Johnson, Kate Johnson, Kelsey Kawohl, Ciana Keller, June Kuoch, Rachel Lutchen, Maryia Makarchuk, Daycia McDill, Jess Minnerath, Elizabeth Mund, Bill Olson, Jack Overstreet, Grace Rude, Caitlin Samuels, Lucia Skinner, Kayla Stace, Olivia Stumbo, Sam Thompson, Laura Torgeson, Hale Williams, Alexis Zimmer

Graduate Student - Best Cartography ($250), Rebecca Barney

Master of Geographic Information Science, College of Liberal Arts
for Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Graduate Student - Most Provocative/Transformative Map ($250), Tobias Fimpel

Master of Geographic Information Science, College of Liberal Arts
for ZAP Bicycle Counts: Audiovisual animation reveals bike commuting patterns

Graduate Student - Best Use of Maps ($250), Grace Johnson

Master of Geographic Information Science, College of Liberal Arts
for Impact of the Camino

Graduate Student - Best Body of Work ($250), Frank Wagner

Master of Geographic Information Science, College of Liberal Arts
for Boundaries of Discrimination: US Congressional District Gerrymandering Case Studies

Graduate Student - Honorable Mention, Shane Loeffler

Earth Sciences, College of Science and Engineering
for Flyover Country

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