U-Spatial Brown Bag Series: Kevin Silverstein, International Agroinformatics Alliance

Technologies and data are poised to come together with the potential to enable breeding by design, placing novel tools for crop improvement in the hands of scientists and others up and down the technology value chain throughout the world. Through the collection of extensive multi-year geocoded field trial data across thousands of locations worldwide, CIMMYT, Embrapa, the GRDC and numerous other public and private entities possess a wealth of genotype x environment x management data points to inform genetic predictive models for maize, wheat, other crops and livestock systems. UMN has a long and successful history of germplasm enhancement and management in temperate maize, wheat, barley, soybeans and numerous other agricultural commodities. UMN’s International Science and Technology Practice and Policy (InSTePP) center has leading edge capabilities in spatial bio-economic modeling to integrate economic elements into technology design and development. And UMN’s Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) has the massive storage, compute cycles, and computational expertise necessary to create a truly integrated and flexible database accessible to all partners, and to build and, importantly, evolve and maintain a new and innovative agroinformatics platform for the long haul. Other informatics challenges being confronted by the IAA include ensuring functionally effective accessibility to researchers (and farmers) in the field, managing IP among multiple public-private partners, and distributing data across high-latency networks. Some of the technologies for overcoming these hurdles exist, but need customization and integration, others are actively being worked out. Following a year of intensive due diligence and beta testing, IAA has recently secured funding to scale to launch in 2017, opening up exciting new opportunities to partner with a strategic set of public and private food and agricultural research entities of international consequence. 

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Thursday, February 9, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm
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