What's New

June 20, 2016

Thanks to all of the students who submitted entries to the 2016 U-Spatial Mapping Prize! The judges met on May 25th and as a group reviewed 32 maps in a variety of topics and formats. 

See the year's best maps here: https://uspatial.umn.edu/mapping-prize

May 4, 2016

 New courses being offered for Fall 2016. 

April 22, 2016

The May 6 deadline for submitting maps to this year's U-Spatial Mapping Prize is rapidly approaching! We are looking for the most informative map, the most revealing map, the most provocative map, the most visually compelling map, and maybe the most transformative one. The U-Spatial Mapping Prize encourages students at the University of Minnesota to make provocative and innovative maps and will award substantial prizes in different categories (over $3,000 in cash awards!). Full details are available hereSubmit your maps today! 

March 25, 2016

The University of Minnesota Geographic Information Science (GISc) community seeks applications for the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium Student Scholar Program. One undergraduate and one graduate student will each receive an award to represent the University at the Student Scholar competition session at the Minnesota GIS/LIS Annual Conference in Fall 2016.

March 1, 2016

U-Spatial is pleased to announce the 2016 University of Minnesota Summer Spatial Boot Camp, an intensive, five-day geospatial workshop held on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus from June 6th - 10th, 2016.

February 22, 2016

Cities around the nation are grappling with the need to maintain and renovate the often-overlooked infrastructure that supports services like drinking water and sewage systems. In extreme situations improperly maintained systems can result in health hazards like those caused by the water quality crisis in Flint, Mich. In Minnesota, 5.5 million people depend on the state’s aging infrastructure, which will require maintenance and replacement over the next few decades to stay safe and reliable.

February 22, 2016

The GeoTech Center is pleased to announce the 2016 Undergraduate Geospatial Technology Skills Competition! The intent of the competition is to showcase the geospatial technology skills of U.S. undergraduate students. Competing students will create a project that utilizes geospatial technology to address a real-world problem. The student will then present the project and the resulting deliverables as a Poster that not only highlights their use of geospatial technology, but also demonstrates their communication and presentation skills.

January 22, 2016

New datasets, an updated Spatial Data @ University of Minnesota application, and other new acquisitions from the Borchert Map Library.

January 5, 2016

ArcGIS Servers and maps.umn.edu not available January 8-10.